Section for Teachers
and Other Youth Workers

What is it?

A tool to raise awareness about the dangers of the road (free)

Includes :

  • 1 docufiction on DVD (18 minutes, available in French only)
  • 1 facilitator's guide
  • 7 companion video testimonials, available on this Web site
  • As many copies as required of the Pacte pour la vie (“pact for life,” available in French only)

The pact for life is a written commitment to return home safely, to not drive while suffering from fatigue or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to not get into a car with an impaired driver. You can order as many copies as there are students in your group.

Intended for whom?

Secondary V students, young people who are learning to drive, members of youth sports teams, and young people who attend youth centres or community centres.

Presented by whom?

Professionals and youth workers (such as teachers, school nurses, student life coordinators, community police officers, sports coaches, social workers and healthcare workers) who have been mandated to lead such an activity, or who wish to do so.


Throughout the school year and especially in anticipation of prom night.


By using the docufiction to spark discussion among the students. The facilitator's guide will help the youth worker or professional in charge prepare for leading the activity. It proposes an approach, both prior to and after showing the DVD, that will ensure that the activity is an enriching experience for everyone.

Order the Le pouvoir de tout changer DVD

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