• 1. How much does the DVD cost?

    The DVD and facilitator's guide are free. We also cover the cost of postage and handling.

  • 2. When can I expect to receive the DVD?

    You will receive the DVD within 10 business days. Actual delivery times will vary slightly depending on the region.

  • 3. What is the difference between the 2008 version and
    the 2014 version?

    The 2008 version includes a music video about road safety that serves to stimulate discussion, as well as testimonials from first responders and victims. The 2014 version, on the other hand, focuses exclusively on situations to which all young drivers can relate. Testimonials are available online. No student material has been prepared for this version. However, you can invite students to visit the idrivemyownlife.com Web site for more information. You can also order documents in the “Documents and Publications” section of the SAAQ Web site.

  • 4. Why are Secondary V students being targeted
    in particular?

    Because in Secondary V, many young people are now old enough to begin taking the driving course. Studies show that the first six months of unaccompanied driving are the most dangerous due to lack of experience. As well, Secondary V means prom night, which is often an occasion for young people to drink, take drugs and stay up late.

  • 5. Can I have Secondary IV students view the DVD?

    It is not recommended to do so, since they will see it again in Secondary V and it will not be as interesting for them or have the same impact the second time around.

  • 6. Are there any scenes that show victims covered in
    blood or other images that are hard to watch?

    There are no bloody images. However, some people may be more affected than others by the video, such as young people who have already been involved in a traffic accident or who are close to someone who has been. You may want to ask a few questions before showing the DVD and let students know that they may find some scenes difficult.

  • 7. How much time should I allow for discussion after
    showing the DVD?

    It all depends on how much time you have. If the period lasts 50 minutes, you will have 30 minutes for discussion. If you want to take more time in order to explore the issue in greater depth, organize an activity outside of regular classroom hours.

  • 8. What if I have other questions?

    Contact us at : equipe@lepouvoirdetoutchanger.com

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